What Does Snow Plow Insurance Cover?

Canada truly is a vast country with a lot of opportunities for many unique individuals. This is especially true for the citizens of the Ontario province. Being located so far north, the area is oftentimes exposed to harsh winter weather. Citizens will be constantly fighting snow, sleet, and bitter cold temperatures throughout the entire winter […]

How To Avoid Some Of The Most Common Business Insurance Mistakes

The smallest ones can cost the most If you run or operate a small business in the Ontario area, you already know that finding the right business liability insurance can be difficult. This is especially true if you are a small business owner. There are just so many different providers and numerous types of policies […]

Why Every Architect Needs To Obtain Error And Omissions Insurance

There are lots of jaw-dropping buildings and skyscrapers in the Ontario area. While most people enjoy gazing at these buildings, they don’t realize all the work and designing that went into the construction process. As an architect, the designs and calculations that you make are expected to last a lifetime and withstand all kinds of […]

General Contractor Insurance: 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Insurance Company

Are you a general contractor and you are searching for the right insurance company? You face different risks every day as a general contractor. You might be sued for poor workmanship or injure yourself when you are working. That is why it is important for you to choose the right general contractor’s insurance company. The […]

Guide For Making A Claim Under A Surety Bond

How do Claims work? As a resident of Canada, you should understand that surety bonds are put in place to protect you! If you feel that your service provider has wronged you, it is a good idea to consider filing a complaint under the surety bond. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to […]

Everything You Should Know About Renewing Your Surety Bond

How do Renewals Work? If you’re a surety bondholder, you need to understand that you’re not out of the woods yet. The truth of the matter is that bondholders will need to perform a few tasks regularly, in order to maintain the validity of their surety bond. One thing that many bonded people fail to […]